Iranpod Testimonials (Comments, Complaints & Compliments)
      Followings are some reviews from our already registered members and past viewers.

      "Hello. I wanted to send you a quick e and say how much I enjoyed looking at your website,
      I'm certain our own site's visitors would love to have a look as well. If we trade links, we will no doubt boost traffic and raise our respective Google and
      Yahoo page rankings at the same time. Thanks for your help. We look forward to making marketing synergy with you! (Wyndel: Great Tanning Beds)

      "You list the Khaledy Exchange contact number on your website as 020.77242343 which is incorrect as it is my home number.
      I am sure Khaledy Exchage is losing a lot of business as I am getting many phone calls. Please can you correct this and confirm to me. Thanks." (Alison K)

      "Hello! I wanted to request an opportunity to trade links with your website. An exchange with us will allow your site,, to get more exposure to
      new visitors and help both of our sites obtain a higher importance with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Please consider this exchange with us.
      Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks." (James; Medical Scrubs Outlet)

      "That is very hepful for Iranians in uk and other countries." (Rahmanifar; Pars Immigration Advisory)

      "Please add Qom University of Medical Sciences link to your Websites Directory" (Web Master; Qom University of Medical Sciences and Health Schools)

      "Please, correct my office address...greatly appreciated" (Shideh M)

      "My name is Zanko N and I am the director of Just Claim Management, a London based firm specialising in council tax and PPI claims. We would very much
      like to advertise our services on your website. Would it be possible to get a qoute on how much it costs to be added to the directory? Thank you." (Zanko N)

      "Visiting Melbourne from Tasmania. I wanted to stock up on Persian groceries. Your website directed me to 1025 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. Its signage
      indicated that it was a Chinese Restaurant, now closed down. I asked about Zyba next door at a bookshop and they said it had not been at that address for
      several years. So for me it was a waste of time (by public transport) and energy. It would be helpful if you kept your directory up to date." (Diana G)

      "Ba salam az inke majaleye hafteye parsi ( ro link kardid sepasgozar hastim. Shoma mitavanid az tarighe safheye peyvand-haye mofid
      etelaate site khod ra dar majale sabt konid ta ma niz shoma ra link konim." (Shahab M; Persian Week)

      "When I try to look up a real estate person on your web site, I either get a list with just names (no phone numbers, no idea of where they are) or, when I click on
      Real Estate on the right, I get a list of restaurants. I need real estate people, not koobideh." (Jim W)

      "My name is Veronica K, I've greatly enjoyed looking through your site and I find it quite relevant to my partnersí websites, so I'm really interested
      in knowing if you would agree to place a simple link on it." (Veronica; Cafe Mom)

      "I would like to add our site under travel agencies category for the USA. We have been selling travel to Iran from the USA since 1994." (Anna H; Fly Atlas)

      "I am senior real estate consultant in Vancouver,BC. Kindly add me to your business directory. Thank you" (Oscar K; Vancouver Prime Homes)

      "Hello! Congratulations on your well-designed website, we would like to swap links with you. Our website is related to travel in Greece and it has been listed
      below. Please let us know if you are interested in adding it to your link page. We will then link back to you as soon as possible." (Yanna K; Travel Guide Greece)
      Iranpod Testimonials

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