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       Category: Persian Arts                Iran International Calling Code: 98     
     Manouchehr Haghighat - Antique and decorative persian rugs and kilims (Tehran)
     Carpet Bazzar (Bazare Farshe Tehran)
     Tel 0098.0.21.5562.7842, Cell: 0098.912.1042321,
     This is Manouchehr Haghighat from carpet bazar of Tehran. I invite you to see my pieces at Hali egallery
     or Jozan. I think by a looking at them you will underestand my work's field better,so there is no need to spend
     much more time. or
     dealer=Haghighat. You can also read fine version of my research about Mazandaran new types of kilims found
     in the market which I called "Magic of Persia" at
     Keywords: Manouchehr Haghighat Persian Arts, Carpets, Jewelries and Handicrafts in Tehran, Iran
     Mellion Art - Aydin Aghdashloo (International)
     info [at]
     Keywords: Mellion Art Persian Arts in Tehran, Iran (International)

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